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    Creating an online store

    I will be making a website with an online store but I'm very new to the store thing. I did some checking and it seems that the vast majority use Then I checked yahoo store and wondered why so many people use 2checkout.

    2checout charges 0.45 for each transcastion and %5.5 ! commision compared to 0.10 transaction fee and %0.5 commision of yahoo.
    Even though yahoo charges $50 each month you get web hosting for that so you don't need to spent $10-20 for hosting.

    The guy I'm making the site for will be selling DVD's, movies and that type of stuff. He is totally clueless about this.

    What would you recommend as the best option?

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    You are making up the other 5.0% in a monthly fee most likely.. Plus try yahoo support and see how long it takes to get a response, 2checkout has forums as well as a pretty good support team working for it.. Also I think if you use Yahoo you end up having "Yahoo" posted all over the place.. I highly recommend 2checkout as being the best all around alternative to getting a full merchant account..

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    Me to highly recommend 2checkout. Also I can recommend you OScommerce as shopping cart, it's free and works good.

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