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    Looking for Newsletter program

    Hi there

    I am building a very simple website for a charity . I am looking for a newsletter script that is advert free. They must be able to put pictures in it etc etc. Mass mail it out to their members. Did I mention I am trying to get this free. This charity helps a lot of people with nearly no budget. I have built and am hosting their website free for them.

    If somebody could help me here with this. I would need you to install it on their website for me as well. I am not great with scripts. I know there are a lot of good hearted people that use these forums and never cease to amaze me.

    If this is in the wrong thread please let me know or if you have moved it please let me know where to Mod


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    I would recommend MyMail, from It is easy to install, even with no experience and free technical support is provided on their forums if you run into problems.

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