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Thread: What price ?

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    What price ?

    I find it more difficult to decide what value to put on Adult sites. Do you judge them on Domain name, Traffic or Profit. You don't seem to get them all together.

    If a website got 3 million hits each month what value would you place on it. No income as it has no real adverts. I could imagiine the profits though if I added a popup or two. Even if they shaved the pop-ups to 20% it should still make $1,000 plus each month based on $3/CPM (Cost per thousand)

    So come now guys, what should one pay for such a site? Need to know before I approach this guy again who wants to sell. Price is neg.....he says.

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    its worth -1000$IMHO
    -Robert Norton

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    Dunno, but I'll give you $50 just to put my link [no banner] at the top of that site for a week

    Seriously, though, it depends upon what the market's offering - after the Nasdaq first crashed netvertising revenue fell with it.

    Even still, a site garnering 3 million hits a month is in line for some serious corporate sponsorship - it's simply a case of some probing research to determine the pricing market, plus finding which companies would specifically [i]want[i/] to advertise there - we're talking niche marketing, but still a potential money spinner.

    But it would be dependent upon a person with a site like that working on unique visitors figures though - hits is actually a meaningless term because it says nothing about the constituent market audience. Hell, it could all be one guy with a hell of a strong wrist!

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    Originally posted by I, Brian
    Hell, it could all be one guy with a hell of a strong wrist!

    LOL, I'll bet!

    Was going to add that hits don't really tell the amount of visitors or quality of the site, as every pic on the page would count as a "hit"

    Unique visitors would be more useful in promoting numbers to make some major bank.

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    Of course he could mean visitors... in my experience many people confuse hits and visitors.

    I also find unique visitors can be misleading e.g. 200 people in a company can count as one IP address.

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