Hi everybody!
Excuse me my English, it is not my the native language.
Here is a little story about one2host. I have ordered domain name and hosting there in Saturday. They said I will have something from them during 24 hours. In Monday I was tired to wait for their answer. I have written to them a letter, I have received the automatic answer and again the same answer, we will contact you during 24 hours. Today is Tuesday, I have not received any answer. I have checked up my credit card, they have taken money on Saturday. I went to there web site and checked up domain name, which should be my already, they have shown me, that it is still available. So I went to another web site and has bought this domain name there. After this I went to one2host again and checked it again, I could not believe to my eyes, they have shown that it is still available again. So I went to many other web sites who sell domains names and they all have shown me that my domain is NOT avalble alredy. So it means that they plunder people. If somebody will decide to buy domain name, which I already have bought, they will take money again. I know, that it is very small chance, that somebody will decide to buy the same name, but it is possible. I will try to receive my money back, but it is not about $ 50, it is about trust. Never buy one2host!!!
I want to thank creator http: // www.one2host.net and creator of the given forum. Thank you very much!!!