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    For hosting a forum

    I'm wondering how much space and bandwidth I'd need to host a small (approx 200 users) but quite active members. Its an Invision board.

    Also, is there any places that offer good and cheap services for those requirements?

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    this was posted just today... its about 8 message down from yours

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    well, I read that, but mine is so much smaller... Anyway how about the 2nd part of my question? any place that offer cheap host?

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    what is "cheap" to you?

    it all depends on what you want to pay for; ask yourself some questions (suggestions below) and then post a thread in the requests forum.

    1)how much space/bandwidth do I need?
    2)will i want to upgrade plans in the future?
    3)will i need support?
    4)do i want to risk picking a host that has low prices?
    5)would i rather pick a high priced host if im assured that they will give me what they advertise?

    basing your decision solely on price in not a smart way to go.

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    libra 1. I believe for you enough 50-100MB of disk space and <1GB of bandwidth.
    2. Read forum, especially advertising section and you find many good and cheap offers.
    We value support and network performance.

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    Yeah I agree with skyhost

    You probably wont need more than 50 MB of disk space and definitely less than 1 GB of bandwidth
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    do yourself a favor and don't go cheap. you'll end up losing more than you'll be saving.
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