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    another site to review

    Please give me some honest feedback. They are for radio stations in my area. None of the menu links work on the pages themselves. They are only demos.

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    Some great work!

    I don't particularily like the green on the 2nd one..or perhaps its the blue writing on the green background.

    For the 3rd one...VERY nice..I must say.."Today's hit" perhaps it's just me, but the way the words are place, the "s" from "Today's" is a little too close to "hit" which of course makes a word that you dont' quite want associated with a radio station.

    To be blunt, what stands out when I first see it is "Todays.h.i.t"

    I doubt many will agree with me, but I'm being honest with my 1st impression.

    The images/logos/headers are all fantastic.

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    I'm in for the second one. Its daring and unusual, great for radio.
    Willis G
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    I like all 3 off them but lets go over somethings.

    Template 1
    I think you need to work on the graphic so that its more smothe overlay from the image to image I think if you fix that it will be a
    very nice site

    Template 2
    The same whit the image overlay but this site would be my choise
    sice its fresh

    Template 3
    Get rid of that mouse trailor and you have a nice site there to

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    1st comp: my pick
    The header is nice but I would maybe add a little more to the second line, the 4 sets of + seems like too much. Maybe another photo or something. The only thing that really doesn't fit in with the design is the "shout outs" area. The image is on a different color background than below it, the link is a mid blue on grey and the text is black. I would make that blend in with the design a little better. Otherwise the best one I think.

    2nd comp:
    The header on this one is also nice, but the green color with the red links bar just doesn't seem like it works with the color scheme. The rigth side seems better laid out than the first, with the "featured artists" area, but the large gap between the main section and the right isn't needed. A little buffer is good, that seems to be wasting good space for information. Even just expanding the main section so the text doesn't have to go down as far.

    3rd comp:
    Very nice design. Seems appropriate for the content. The most important thing to change is get rid of the mouse trailer!!! Those are very annoying and don't server any purpose. The side is very professional, then you move the mouse and see this thing attached to the curser. Not good. The other thing, is you need to separate some of the main text somehow, even just bolding the headers: (bible trivia, people poll question, etc). That way it will make it look like different sections.

    Also, in general, don't give tables any heights unless it's necessary. Also, you have images along the side that are "background" type images that should be build that way. If the amount of data changes then you don't have to make it larger or smaller.
    Kevin Hauge
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