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    After chosing my reseller hosting company I decided to go for the CC payment solutions.

    I came up with these companies after a research here and there;
    Revecom (PaySystems)

    After reading the threads about them I found out that some happy customers of them and also there are angry customers as well...
    This sounds like some people are just lucky and some not.

    This is getting really confusing...

    What do you guys think about it?
    Should give a try with any of these or should go with Verisign (and pay a lot of more)?

    Another question; I am pretty new to this stuff and I don't know how having a merchant account effects on this matter. I don't live in the US but I have a merchant account in my country. Do you think this will help me in any way?

    Any comments?

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    the netherlands
    if you have a merchant account in your country that can handle international transactions, then just go with that.

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    If you have a merchant account already you should contact your bank who will be able to advise your further. That aside, we use Worldpay ourselves, which works fine for us.


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    Ashby de al Zouch - UK
    If your in the UK and have a merchant account look good...

    The UK seems to be a lot more expensive than the US, were most of the time happy with WorldPay, though now they have started to "market" to OUR customers, well, I am not quite as happy... in fact their whole recent promotions and tackyness is less impressive... But they are reliable and I know that I trust them more than many companies security....

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    Hi Maxxkin,

    I Use the services of Worldpay and havent ever had any problems with them.

    If you are planning on using your own merchant account you have to be aware that you might need to upgrade it to an "Internet Trading Account" which allows you to take transactions over the net. Although i know several companies that take payments over the internet with just a normal merchant account and process the payments offline, I think you might find that was pushing the law a little.

    Also, when i looked at Paypal before, i think they only took money in USD, not great if you want to trade in different currencies. Someone might want to correct me on that, not sure if thats still the case.

    Good Luck!


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    Thanks guys... That really helped to figure out about merchant account...

    well it's nice to find out that mercount account finally means something

    I talked with my bank and learned that my account is a some kind of "internet trading account", so no problem there as well.

    Now it's time to find out about SSL.
    I did a quick research here about SSL and found out that there is not a great place to ask about SSL, since it causes lots of spam wars.

    Do you guys know a spam free place to learn about and compare SSL options?
    Just fooling around...

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