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Thread: Can you help?

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    Can you help?

    Hello, my church has a ministry which is a Christian School. Every year they add an additional grade and currently they are up to the 4th grade. The church has a website and the school is included in that site but they are now wanting to become a seperate site with a seperate web address. My question is they are wanting a flash type introduction with scripture in the middle and on the sides would like pictures of the students on the side to fade in and out but when they fade back in would like a different picture. Is this possible? Also what about having a different scripture verse each time a new or the same person accesses the site? Any ideas and can someone help us with this? Please respond if you need more details or will help, etc. Thank you. I am wondering if someone would do this for free? You can use it for your portfolio and I will include whatever you want on the site to help. This is a non-profit organization and we would really like and appreciate your help.

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