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    feedback appreciated.


    I would appreciate any feedback you might have to offer.

    i did not make the site myself (a close friend did)

    Just wondering what sort of feedback in terms of layout etc might be out there.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Your splash image is kinda fuzzy, not sure it's necessary either. Just another step before the purpose, which is to sell poker supplies. You want to make it easy to get right to the info they are there for. I would left justify your text too, the center justified looks odd since your navigation is focused on the left. You also mention everything is in Canadian currency, but say the prices are comparable to American stores. Yet you don't list what the price is in US dollars. Nobody is going to sit down and figure out what your prices are in US ... if you want to market US customers, you should have either another version for US, or even easier, just list what it is in US dollars.
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    youre review

    Your site is a nice basic site and I like the opening page. Like was said, you can just go to the main site though. Its easy to browse the inventory and buy what you need. It loaded ok but I am on a t1. Decent layout and text content.
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