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    Live in Canada, need help on cheap and reliable host


    Want to ask for opinion on cheap and reliable host. I am living in Canada, and here is my criteria for my personal site:

    - 100MB
    - 2GB of traffic/month (preferably 3GB)
    - php, FTP, mySQL
    - no set up fee
    - preferably monthly billing
    - don't want to spend > ~$10 CDN each month for it... but then again I don't know the norm out there for this kind of service.

    Would like to know if there is any recommendation out there. I have tried to search for some reviews and I found them unable to help me on my decision.

    I have narrowed my search down to either innerweb/dayanahost/webulex... but unable to decide which one is better... Obviously there might be a 4th candidate out there somewhere of course.

    Any help is appreciated... Thanks in advance.

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    I like Their cheapest package comes quite close to your requirements. They are based in the states, but I'm Canadian, too, and I use them. I can't see why you shouldn't.

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