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    does anyone know this !! ?? for 15 $ asp net hosting !!
    It seems unbelievable !!

    before signing up I would like to have your advice

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    Wow, I am amazed.

    I am so amazed I can't stand it. Amazingly amazed.

    I am so amazed by this offer I made potty in my pants.

    and I would REALLY be amazed if that company lasted more than 6 months, and earned more than was paid for the webpage (which is decent, by the way.)

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    Originally posted by greatbeast
    and I would REALLY be amazed if that company lasted more than 6 months
    Well, get ready to be "REALLY" amazed because they've already been around a lot longer than 6 months.

    I don't have any personaly experience with them however, so I can't comment on teh service. A search on the forums here will turn up more than a few negative opinions though.

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    Oh, I figured they were new, and it was the owner(s) trying to "advertise" (spam) while asking for info.

    (Still...they dont look too high quality to me. The website has some basics on it, well designed...but the only contact seems to be via email (not necessarily a hugely bad thing) and they dont have a FAQ which amazes me completely!

    (I mean, would you rather field emails all day long of "How do I setup my outlook express" instead of at least attempting to save you and the customer aggravation by putting up instructions in a FAQ file?)

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    the price is great, but NOT the tech support!

    I tried to email them to get support but NEVER get their reply

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    then !??

    yes you are certainl yright ! but 15 $ a year for asp net !!!
    what is the point then ???

    do you think it is just good to run away or ??

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