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    ENSIM - POP3 secure connection - Outlook/Netscape problem!

    From a user of mine:

    Your servers won't let my Macintosh login with a secure connection, which means i can't download my email. I'm having to use squirrelmail, which is just like hotmail, which i can't stand because i need to do massive deletes with the touch of a button. that and it's staying on the server, which i'm trying to keep as clean as possible.

    I have microsoft outlook and netscape, but i can switch to something else if it makes things easier.

    Ideas people?

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    They have ssl / secure something turned on. Macs require it be totally turned off, not even the "if possible" setting.
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    You should enable POP & IMAP via SSL for those who would like to use it. Also, tell your users not to use any "If Possible" SSL settings on their clients, because it will give them a false sense of security. While it could help keep some sniffers from reading their mail (as long as SSL really is enabled/working), it's still vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. Of course, their e-mail is probably very unsecure anyways, but they still shouldn't use "If Possible"

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