I'm setting up a new server for a vbulletin board and have created an account in WHM so that I might use Cpanel's File Manager and a few other things to Admin it.
Now I find I have a few issues with this setup... I cannot login as 'root' in order to manage those files in File Manager... only to the Home/User Account I created and its 1 user.
Also I can't figure out how to add additional users to this account along with a separate P/W for my Webmaster and Head Moderator??? So that they might also log into the Cpanel and not use my logon and P/W.
Is this possible? If so how? If it means editing a file? Please help me out as I've looked everywhere I can think of.

Also is it possible to 'hack' Cpanel to gain root access with a certain user?

I have one other issue with the MySql feature... I created the vbulletin boards db without knowing I had to create one in Cpanel first. Know I can't access it with PHPMyAdmin in Cpanel. Again can I 'hack' Cpanel to access this db? Or will I need to reinstall vb pointing it to a new db?
As it stands now I can only access a db which is under [email protected] and begins with the prefix hoss.