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    (repeat post) Confixx? $170 unlimited?

    in my first post, wanted to ask about use of Confixx cps I want to offer on some rlx servers - incompatibility/other issues?

    no/not much response (although I am new to the forums and could've f***ed up), so i bought this deal - $170 for unlimited cpanels on a single server. pushy salespeople, but the deal looked good at the time.

    Any thoughts on Confixx system would be appreciated (still evaluating the vps technology from *** complete)

    (background on
    John Case.

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    if you like to know something about confixx, just mail to me.
    i live in germany and have 6 servers running confixx

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    been looking at the control panels - lots of end-user features (not as much as plesk), but at a /50th the cost, it seems to work fine.

    i will get in touch.

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