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    * I Wish 2CheckOut Would Answer My Question!

    Greetings All,

    We have proposed this question to 2CheckOut a week ago, but still no response to our emails, so I figured I would ask here to see if anyone has any experience.

    We are trying to run a special where we would provide the first couple of months free on our web hosting. Does anyone know if you can configure 2CheckOut to do that?


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    Good question, wouldn't mind the answer to that myself.

    I think Tom of 2Checkout hangs out around here.

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    You can issue credits after they sign up, or just refund them monthly.
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    He probably wants to have people sign up, submit CC info but charges will not appear until after the first month instead of charging the person, possibly getting hit with a processing charge and having to refund it.

    Then the person's credit card statement only reflects the charge and not refund, user moves to another host in those 30 days, never sees the refund and does a charge back hitting the host another time.

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    I know you can give a discount by using a negative dollar amount in the signup fee box. But I don't know if you can go all the way to zero... And obviously you could do that across multiple months.
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    By the way, anyone let me know links about 2CheckOut's policies or Term of Services. I can not find it on

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    don't know, but you can do it with Paypal!

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    Originally posted by Prince
    don't know, but you can do it with Paypal!
    You can do it with your own merchant account as well.
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    2Checkout currently does not have such a feature implemented into their billing system.

    The only way to do this is charge the customer and then refund them.

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    Originally posted by Samuel
    You can issue credits after they sign up, or just refund them monthly.
    Yeah, but you still lose money in the transaction charges when you refund the money.. Unless you do it within 2 days (which is a big hassle).

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    as far as using 2checkout for web hosting that is a huge drawback, I will continue to use Paypal.

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    We use Paysystems ( and you can do that no problem.
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    Could you do just like a 1 dollar charge for the trial period, and then charge them the remaineder at the end of thethat period.

    Just let them know that the one dollar will apply to the remained of their balance.

    My 2 cents

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    My adivce is that even if you give X number of months away for free is that you collect fees for at least one month when the user signs up. If you don't do this, you will likely find that many of your customers don't have the funds to start paying you after their free trial is up.
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