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    How Do You Handle Domain Transfers?

    Say a new client signs up for your service (we are using ModernBill) and they choose to transfer an existing domain to you.

    What do you do - do you initiate the transfer first (we are using Enom), or do you somehow get the DNS entry changed first?

    How long does the average transfer take?

    What do you tell the customer?


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    Most of my customers, do it themselves or we have registered the domain name for them, so there is no need to make any changes.

    I just let them have the nameserver details

    Usually takes about 24-48 hours depending on TLD

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    Have the customer change DNS first... transfers can be ssllooww, especially ones from NitWit Sol.

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    DNS first. The goal is to get them off their old host and set up asap. After that you can deal with the ins and outs of registrar change at your leisure. If something goes wrong with the transfer (gets denied etc), then it won't matter as much as their domain will already be pointing to the account on your servers anyway.

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    Yeah, change the dns first on their existing registar, that process alone can take up to 3 days, so you want to do it asap.

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    Someone here also gave excellent advice about domain name transfers. Some registrars can be really sneaky about how they go about confirming the transfer request with the admin contact. For example, will email the admin contact for the domain with a email that doesn't appear to be a transfer confirmation but which appears more to be a sales offer. They will offer to renew the domain name for a massive discount over their normal outrageous fees. At the very bottom of the email will be a link to confirm the transfer request, but by this time the domain owner is confused or has just renewed the domain with

    So the advice that was given was to get the domain owner to change the admin and technical contact details to your details so you receive the transfer request confirmation and can deal with it (remember that the tech and/or admin details sometimes are those of a rival host who may have registered the name for the customer and may not want to see them losing their customer). Alternatively, you can ask the domain owner to forward the confirmation email on to you so you can deal with it.

    The problem is, when you are selling domains for discount prices it is not worth all the trouble and "paper work".

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    Domains usually propogate within 24 hours. It's getting faster. If I register a domain for a client at 12pm, its working by 6pm the same day!

    Very rapid.
    Kaumil P.

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    I've been seeing recently in my managed accounts that when I register a new name, it's been taking about 3-4 days. When I change their nameservers, I've actually seen the last couple arrive the same day.

    I always wait until the nameservers change before moving the files. I use this time to get familiar with the clients (and they with us), and make a backup of their site. They tend not to be as impatient when they see things happening, and It's easier to do then when you're not right in the middle of other things. Also, if it still takes 3-4 days, they understand more that it's not your fault (they don't always understand that changing dns isn't really under our control after we apply).

    freakysid is right about changing the details, we always move control over to us, unless the client controls the dns on their own. It's not worth the time having to get with someone else, plus it's too difficult keeping track of all that stuff. We started this process mainly tho in case their old host goes out of business. Don't want to deal with trying to move it then.

    The time involved is why we don't offer discounted domains. they can buy their own discounted if they want to be responsible for moving things on their own, if not, we do it for a fair price. Most businesses I've dealt with don't want the hassle. Individuals usually don't mind.
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