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    Affiliate Scheme

    To complement All About Hosting the new release of our reseller packages we are introducing a new affiliate scheme.
    If you signup you can get a free Budget Ensim Plan. All you have to do is sell one other account to someone within 30 days and you get your account free for the rest of the year!!.
    Plus you get 20% of all sales towards webhosting from All About Hosting to spend how you wish. Alternatively you can take 10% of all sales as a cash payment every month.
    Payments to you can be made by check, bank transfer or paypal.
    If you have any questions/comments/queries don't hesitate to contact me via this forum, pm, or email: [email protected].


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    I'd recommend you call it an affiliate plan instead of scheme. Scheme has a slightly different connotation in other English speaking countries.

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    OK, from here on out it's called a "plan".
    Can someone translate scheme from american to british please?

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    Good, stick with plan. I clicked on this thread expecting you to be posting about some affiliate scam somone is running .
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    what akron said =]
    a scheme is commonly used as a synonym for plot in american english. to scheme usually means to conspire, plan to do something deceptive and evil

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