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    New ISP Directory Search By City!

    There is a new ISP directory that breaks down ISP's by city. It doesn't include phone numbers, only cities, so that the data stays up to date...

    Some benefits of ISP's registering with

    Highly customizable profile page.
    Free 120x60 banner on profile page.
    Specials / Package Management.
    Real-Time Banner updates.
    Real-Time City / POP Management.
    Customizable Links for all clicks or package clicks.
    Traffic Details.
    Feedback / Ratings Management (coming soon).
    ISP / End User Forums (coming soon)

    There are premium banner spots available, and they are charging half price for the first month.

    Still not a lot of ISP's on there at the moment, but it's sure to grow VERY quickly..

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    * ISP Directory Update

    The site is looking great. A lot of ISPs have registered, and the traffic is off the charts!

    If you have a ISP get it registered.

    We will be launching a Web-Hosting Only section in the near future.

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