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    Managed: 1/4 rack, Catalyst Switch, 5 mb/s multi-homed, $249/mo

    This TransOptics managed solution includes everything you need to establish a reliable presence on the Internet.

    It includes 1/4 rack (10U) at in Dallas, 5 mb/s unmetered connectivity from Cogent and Aleron, and a 24 port Cisco Catalyst Switch for only $249/mo. (Aleron being installed in 3 weeks running BGP)

    Our staff handles everything from network maintenance, managed security, and equipment installation. You just provide the equipment to go in the rack and we'll do the rest.

    Each package comes with 32 IP addresses and more are free with justification.

    Additional Services:
    Addtl' bandwidth @ $42/mb
    IPs are free
    Addtl' rackspace @ $35/U (discounts for 1/4 rack+)
    Free reboots
    Free equipment monitoring
    Free basic troubleshooting (under 20 mins, over @ $30/hr)
    Remote console available for use
    @ $249/mo and $249 install (install can be prorated over 3 months)

    Escorted access in the data center is allowed 24/7.

    Contact [email protected] with questions or order at

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    What kind of uptime guarantee will you have once you have Aleron as a backup? What kind of content is/is not allowed? Would a small irc server that causes no trouble be ok?

    I assume you're part of hostmania from the store address right? I already asked several questions to them, so I shouldn't have too many more.

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    NM, I see the relationship now. I'll just message the rest of the questions I had.

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