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    Using RaQ 4 to Control W2K email

    Looking for help on getting my RaQ 4 to control incoming email to a domain name that is hosted on a Windows 2K Server machine.

    The RaQ is controling DNS for the Windows 2K server for one domain only.

    However I tried setting up email via the RaQ, but the mail keeps going to the W2K machine and it sits in the drop folder.

    Anyone with knowledge on this issue, or can tell me how to get the mail out of the drop folder via outlook I appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance for you knowledge.

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    It sounds like you setup the mail server on the Win2k box also, though I could be wrong.....

    You should be able to setup two A records in the DNS:
    1. for the site
    2. for the mailserver

    If you point the site's DNS at the win2k server and set up the mail host on the RAQ it should work.
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    Make your DNS like this.

    A: to ip w2k
    A: to ip w2k
    A: to ip RaQ
    MX: to

    And remember to set up the site om your RaQ as

    That should do it.

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