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    First timer Needs help with tripwire & snort instalations!

    Hi eveyone,

    I am nearly giving in!! I do not want to mess theserver up , is it possible for a first timer to install them on a hosting server?
    Is there any step by step instructions on the web?

    please try to put me on the right path ...

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check this site ..

    Is a good script that will monitor your server as well as IDS by using snort. Its very easy to install, its just a matter of running one script and answer some questions. It also came with a great web GUI.

    If you're running several servers in one network, all you need is to install demarc client with snort activated in one server only.
    Demarc can do a lot, including checking your cpu load, etc..

    You'll like it.

    Roy K.
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