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    Hi Guys ,

    Any one of you provide ADSL services , I have purchaced a rackspace in some ISP, How do i go about providing ADSL services from my Rackspace out to the general public .

    What do i need and how do i go abt it.


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    That could be very difficult to do!! As far as I know you would really need to be in the telco's exhange to do this. You will need to get access to the phone line going into your customers house through the telco. Then it needs to be plugged out of there equipment and plugged into your DSLAM. That's it really except you would have to be in the telco's exchange to get access to the other end of the copper line going from your customers house.
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    you could resell DSL services....

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    Offering DSL services is a real challenge.

    Below is the short answer from a thread at DSLreports ISP to ISP forum. If you really want to get into the ISP business, there are ways. I'd consider a VISP program to start. Far less expensive, and would get your feet wet. And be very sure you want to get into the ISP business... I'm working with a customer now that's half a country away and using a Mac OS7 box that used to be connected to a LAN. Hit problem after problem with it. It's finally working out. Just be aware it's a service industry with everyone undercutting everyone (including the ILECs undercutting thier own wholesale accounts) and requires signifigant time investment.


    You definately want research before making this move. You have two realistic options, either getting local loops from either an ILEC or CLEC which would then be backhauled via ATM to your POP or reselling someone else's service entirely.

    I can speak towards the former, working with an ISP who does that with both SBC and Verizon. We basically have a Pacbell ATM circuit and a Verizon ATM circuit. To the ISP the DSL circuit is no different than a frame or ATM customer, their circuit is mapped to your ATM circuit, you set the circuit up in your termination device (Redback is pretty much the standard, check the SMS-500 and SMS-1800).

    The Redback will support PPPoe should you want to go that way.

    So your costs are the subscriber loop cost (depends on the speed of the loop)the PVC charge and the charge for the ATM circuit.

    Now as to which COs you can provide service from Verizon tends to do it by market, SBC limits it based on the size of the pipe you have from them.

    Now my information might be a little old, but if you want to go this way, contact the ISP rep for your ILEC and get the scoop. The costs might scare you.

    If the ISP is getting into this thinking there are better margins in DSL, they need to think again. Margins are actually a little less.
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