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    COMMENTS WANTED: Hostcharge

    I have signed up to use Hostcharge and i was wondering what everyone thought of their service....

    (ive been waiting for over 24hrs now to get my signup info)

    Ive had a flick thru their forums and some responses to questions asked are a bit vague at times and so im wondering who here uses them and what are your thoughts and comments on them?

    I also want to do a Hostcharge module for osCommerce as well, so im impatiently waiting for my signup details so i can get started.
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    I was also checking for hostcharge.
    I found they are one of the 3 major companies which are mentioned in the WHT...

    There are some nice comments about them but there are some unpleasent ones as well. I started seriously reconsider about them...

    Here are some comments;

    Any one else with a real experience with hostcharge?

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    I have sent them pre-sale question and they have never replied back. I sent it twice from 2 different servers to make sure they got it... i'm disappointed, they should at least reply go f*** yourself or something.

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    VIPsNet as I know all hostcharge team hard working on new MCC. We wait for authorization about 10 day andů get it. Be more patient
    We value support and network performance.

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