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    What's the technical background behind private name servers, and how do they work? I've been trying to find something, anything, on the net but I've had no luck. I have some clients who want reseller accounts but they want their own NS.THEIRDOMAINS.COM private name servers. I'm currenly using Plesk .

    Can anyone give me a primer on the art of IP's, DNS and private name servers?


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    There really isn't much to "private" nameservers. Resellers simply want them so that it doesn't look like they're offering a rebranding of your service.

    A private nameserver really isn't private at all; when a DNS lookup is being made up against it, that lookup is really being made against the running instance of BIND on your server.

    The privacy comes from the fact that you give them a dedicated IP address to call NS0.RESELLERHOSTING.COM or whatever. This makes the reseller look more like they actually have their own server for all intents and purposes.
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    but if you want to let your customers have their own nameservers, it's not that hard in plesk.

    but first you need to get 2 additional ips (or one is fine in fact)

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    A physical nameserver can host multiple nameservers of a single instance of BIND, whats important is do you have access to add/modify/delete domains.

    Personaly, I think running a nameserver on the same box as all the hosted domains is risky.
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