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    Free Hosting 100mb/2.5GB

    I am looking for 10 people (ANY 10) to give free hosting containing the following features:

    - 80 mb
    - 2 GB bandwidth
    - Plesk CP
    - 2 Domain support - you provide your own
    - 30 FTP accounts
    - 30 POP3/Webmail accounts
    - 10 mailing lists
    - unlimited email redirects
    - unlimited email autoresponders
    - 1 MySQL databases
    - Password Protected Directories
    - Graphical Site Statistics
    - Custom Error Pages
    - SMTP Mail Server
    - Streaming Real Audio / Video Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
    - Full CGI Support
    - PHP 4.1.2
    - phpMyAdmin 2.2.5
    - Server Side Includes (SSI)
    - Apache::ASP
    - Frontpage 2002 Extensions
    - 99.7% Uptime Guarantee
    - NO BANNERS, only requirement is a small link at the bottom of the pages

    Drawback is this will be a no support hosting. Anyone is welcomed to join. The catch? You are required to write ONE tutorial per month containing at least 10 pages every month, using a lot of text, but little graphic (two at most). These tutorials must be related to creating websites.

    No template necessary, just pure text and a few graphic here and there (ie, no need for header etc). Think of it more like a document than a web page. File size of each pages can go only up to 20kb (including the graphics). KEEPING IT SIMPLE is important! You must also have your own domain name.

    Beginners/Intermediates/Experts are all welcomed - in fact, you are encouraged to write as you learn! Best content writer will be given an additional GB of bandwidth and 100MB of space and the ability to host two more domain names/subdomains.

    First 10 to PM me will be given the priority. Existing knowledge is good, but not necessary. Being able to write concisely and professionally is more important (DO THE SPELLCHECKS!).

    [edit]The content must be original - ie in your own words and not taken off another website or any other source[/edit]
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