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    Angry can they do this?

    Ok, on one of my sites starting friday, I noticed my phpBB was not working. So I login to phpMyAdmin.. and holy crap, the database isn't there. So, off to tech support I go... get the usual runaround and they ask me to contact the abuse department.

    Hmm, so I do... and it is now monday evening and their response was:

    Your database was using 99% of the resources. You will need to get a dedicated server to continue using this.
    Ok, that's fine, because I was buying a dedicated server in the next day or two anyway... BUT NOT WITH THEM. So anyway, I do not have a recent backup of the db. I have yet to hear back from them, but the way they are making it sound is they are trying to force me to to get a server with them just so I can get my database back, which I will not tolerate.

    So, just wondering what the status is of that, are they legally able to hold my database "ransom" so that I need to buy a server through them? Or can they refuse to give it back? The message board had about 3500 members and over 100k posts, losing that information is not an option.

    I'm hoping the tech support will be a little more friendly in our next corespondance rather than giving me a 1 sentence explanation

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    Well, I am sure they will give you your database back (Its not worth anything to them) and forcing someone to do any kind of business with you is dubious at best.

    It just sounds like you have a very busy forum and they wanted to protect their interests and those of their other customers.

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    that's the thing, the forum wasn't that resource intensive, it is actually a lot slower now than it was about 4 months ago, which even then posed no problem to server load or bandwidth... I am guessing something happened and caused an infinite loop or something which triggered them to look and they just assumed it was my db.

    *shrug* oh well, they are one of the ****'d hosts here anyway, so I'll show them where they can stick their dedicated servers

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