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    Does the media cause more crime?

    Now I thought about bringing a good discussion / debate to WHT tonight

    Well.. i've just been watching BBC News 24.. as I always seem to do at this time of night. It has just basically got to me how much cime etc is in the world. What with Holly and Jessica, Milly and countless other young children being taken away and murdered. Just really does make me sad and think whats wrong with the world. This combined with our reginal news I noticed how there has been an increased number media coverage on other crimes racist attacks and even mobile phone crime.
    Now - don't get me wrong. Im all up for an informative world and good news covereage but is it causing more crime?

    There are issues such as medias portrayal/coverage of these crimes and does this influence people’s options about different groups in society. Does this lead to moral panics for people and deviancy amplification so that the medias coverage may infact cause more crime?

    Now, the real question is.. Does the media cause us more crime or does it prevent it?

    Has there always been the level of crime that we have at the moment but we just have a better media system at the moment?

    Im only really familier with English/UK issues but of course peoples input from the USA and other places would be good

    Hope this isnt too much for the early hours, after a Monday too

    Take it easy,

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    (What a 1000th post)
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    No...but that damn sniper hit someone again tonight (he takes off on weekends) and I think he is feeding greatly off the media attention he is getting.
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    I don't their is more crime just it's being focused upon more. I hope they catch that sniper soon, what a freak. Nothing worse than a wuss hiding behind a gun, killing innocent people.

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    The news media thrives on sensational crimes and most of these wacko nut-jobs thrive on the media attention. It is known that some of the kids involved in school shootings were doing it for the massive media attention they would get. If they make the crime sensational enough there could be a movie deal thrown in to sweeten the pot.

    Take away all the attention and the number of these types of crimes would no doubt drop.

    The news media wants to make a lot of money. Sensationalism sells.
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    It all depends. In my opinion MSNBC and CNN do publicize crime too much. FOX News has a tendency to hold back a bit. That is primarily why I only watch FOX News.
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    If nothing else, a good portion of the media at large is guilty of sensationalism. I've been watching Yahoo headlines lately on their homepage, and whoever writes those things ought to be reprimanded. They'll take a story that is right down the middle, and the headline they use on the homepage to link to it will often be something that makes you go, "WHAT?!"- and really pisses you off. Until that is, you read the story and wonder how the headline guys can justify writing something like that. They'll totally misrepresent the story it seems to get a rise out of you.


    I saw one a couple of weeks ago that said, "Survey: Muslims Hate US". If you clicked on the link, it brought you to a story that talked about a minor percentage of militants that were surveyed somewhere. It just didn't make any sense. Even the data suggested a minority of those surveyed had those feelings, and that was the damn headline Yahoo puts up. Aggravating.
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    The media rules the world. Since they tell us everything we see them as "fact" (or bulls*** NBC Nightly News "truth" ), along with the emotions that they try to instill in us.
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    There isn't more crime; just more sensationalist coverage of crime. It happens all the time. See, Story A happens (psycho stabs unsuspecting victim with tainted needle). Then media jumps on the story, publicizes it to death, and then does more stories on similar incidents (more needle stabbings), making it seem as if there is a sudden crime wave when in fact all the media is doing is focusing more on what's been happening all these years. (In other words, there were always needle stabbings, but now it's reporting them more).

    On whether coverage contributes to crime, I'm not sure if it does in the way you're suggesting-- i.e., some people becoming more inspired to commit crimes. But it sure as hell doesn't prevent it. In fact, it may allow it to flourish in that it lowers the morale of a society so badly that its people no longer feel capable enough of dealing with it. They see it happening, become depressed and say, "Why bother? It's too much."
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    Originally posted by mina_babe
    Then media jumps on the story, publicizes it to death, and then does more stories on similar incidents (more needle stabbings), making it seem as if there is a sudden crime wave when in fact all the media is doing is focusing more on what's been happening all these years.
    Exactly. Another example relevant to the times: several years ago there was a series of "sniper style" shootings (as I recall, three people were shot) on Long Island outside of NYC.

    But the point is that while that got local coverage in NY at the time it got barely a mention anywhere else in the country, let along the rest of the world. But I guarantee if it happened this week the news media would do all they could to have us all believing that "snipers" are terrorizing America.

    Couple of months ago, of course, the "hot" crime to cover was missing kids. I guess no more kids come up missing, judging by the national newscasts of the past few weeks.
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