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    i need a verrryyy low cost website

    I just bought a reseller plan from someone, and I need a very low cost website. I dont plan on making any money as I will just be using it for my sites and some for friends, but I dont want a blank page if someone goes to the hosting co's website.....thus I need help!

    email me todd at

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    I'm willing to design your site for a very low cost.

    Some sites I've designed:


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    Oh! I would like to assist you! I am selling these designs: Design One
    I like this one, Its sort of silvery, fast and higly original. This design included customisation for plans and title and copyright only. CSS, slicing, photoshop & fireworks files, and HTML files included. Asking price=$65 Design Two
    This design is also original and blue, white AND silver. I will customize all the text only. All files (e.g. html, css, photoshop, fireworks, slicing ect.) included. Asking Price=$70 Design Three
    This design is my only design which includedes mouseovers and a subpage for free. The website is down at the moment unfortunately All files included (sorry, no CSS). Customization of the text, logo etc included. Asking price = $50 Design Four
    Also original, all files included and customization. Asking price = $50

    For $10-$30 I do logos:

    I do custom templates which YOU own all the files and rights to from $20.

    To buy a design, email me [email protected] with the design you want. You may be able to bargain me down a little bit.

    I will not resell these designs agian, you own the rights once you buy.

    If you can not afford to pay me in cash (via paypal or check/money order) I will accept web hosting. Web hosting is also acceptable.

    I also sell the following extras:

    Colour Change = $10
    Sub page = $25
    Additional Page = $12 (for 3)

    All prices in US dollars.

    PM me: whatever
    MSN: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]
    Hostime Managed Hosting
    Opening the bridge between your business and the world.

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