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    Personal Computer Battery Backup

    We've been having about 10 brownouts a day , just enough to cut off the computer. Anyone had experience with battery backup? Wouldn't need much, and don't want to spend much..
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    We have one... just sorta clicks on whenever the power goes out. It's black and beeps when it's on... that's all I know about it.

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    If all you need is to protect a personal computer from brown outs and don't need more that 15-30 minutes of backup power, I would highly suggest one of the following.

    APC Back-UPS CS 350 for about $69.99


    CyberPower 525VA SL- Series CPS525SL for about $59.99.

    I have one of each for 2 of my testing computers, and they work great. Hope this helps.

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    Do Not Buy SYCOM!!! I've had nothing but trouble from it. Sent the unit back to be repaired. Worked for another 8 months and broke again, now it's just a 4 outlet surge protector instead of a 4 surge and 4 backup. it's a POS!!!!!

    Thinking about UPS in the future. But going to wait until next spring when the T-storms start up again.
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    remember the old tech stories ? like

    Salesman: "It has a built in color monitor and comes with a mouse and keyboard--"
    Customer: "Does this thing come with a battery backup system?"
    Salesman: "No, but we have one over there for $99.00. Do you have problems with power outages?"
    Customer: "No, but I don't want to lose all of my Microsoft documents everytime I turn off the computer!"
    Salesman: "You don't need a battery backup for that. That's why it has a 4 gigabyte hard drive."
    Customer: "A hard what?"
    Salesman: "A hard drive. It's like a whole bunch of floppy disks inside your computer that you can store documents on."
    Customer: "I want the battery backup."
    Salesman: "You don't need it."
    Customer: "Why?"

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    I use a battery backup (UPS) on all my computers at work and home. My system at home came out of a retail store and could power my computer for a whole day if needed.

    I highly suggest you use them if for no other reason than to supply a clean, level voltage to your system.
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    I use a APC 1000XL's for my workstations at home, yeah I know it's overkill but I can work for hours on a P-III 1Ghz and a 15" LCD with no power hell I even have my 60watt lamp pluged into it. In your case I would suggest a 450va to 525va that would cover a 19" monitor and a P-4 class system for 15mins if you just need something to catch the 1-2 second drops in power you could get by with a 325va easy and cheap.

    you might want to see if you can grap one of these deals before they are gone - 1000VA UPS for $79.99 after Rebate, 500 VA UPS for $29.99 after Rebate

    Belkin 1000VA/550watts UPS with software for $79.99 after $20 rebate (expires 10/31/02). 1000VA
    Belkin 500VA/300watts UPS with software for $29.99 after $15 rebate (expires 10/31/02). 500VA
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    I've got a lovely APC Back-UPS ES 350 (not sure if it's available in the US). It has a USB connection and includes software (Windows) for unattended shutdown (I believe a serial option is also available). Linux software is also available but not from APC.

    It comes with standard power sockets and looks like an oversize powerboard (most UPSs come with those computer-style power sockets; not sure what they're called). Because it has standard sockets I can plug a lamp, etc. in as well as the computer.

    My UPS can also be wall mounted. I've currently got it mounted about 50cm off the ground - which is about 50cm below the phone system and a metre from the server which it mainly protects.

    If you only get brownouts then you don't really need a UPS with a huge uptime, mainly something that will click in to stop things going down.

    You didn't mention things like specs, etc. - different computers have different loads (eg: a 21" CRT will use more power than a 15" LCD flat panel).

    APC would probably be the best in my opinion (although they tend to be a bit more expensive than others). My friend has a Sola UPS but it had to be replaced - it would click over to battery fine, but when the AC came back on it wouldn't go back over to AC - eventually batteries would go flat and everything would turn off.

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    Originally posted by shaunewing
    I've got a lovely APC Back-UPS ES 350 (not sure if it's available in the US). It has a USB connection and includes software (Windows) for unattended shutdown (I believe a serial option is also available).
    I have a nice APC UPS that everything is plugged into. Unfortunately, the unit is two years old and the battery has died. $50 for a new battery!!
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    Go belkin all the way.

    Search there's a store that sell's the Belkin 1200VA UPS for less than $100.

    I have 3 of those, a belkin 650va and a belkin 320va, all of my electronics are on UPS's so the only thing that even blinks when the power goes out are my overhead lights

    Everything else just keeps on going and never misses a beat.
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