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    Hosting Registration and Tracking script

    I have looked at the different billing & registration softwares for web hosts to use, and none seems tailored or customized for the use of an actual web host company.

    For example, the scripts I tested like phpmgr and whmmgr for signup new host, doesn't offer ADD-ON option. Where a customer choose if they want a domain registration, or they want something special (e.g. IP addresses or some special service you offer to the customer).

    If anyone knows of a secure registration and tracking script that is flexible and expandable let me know. Otherwise, I guess we may have to develop in-house solution.

    Here is what I think a registration script chart flow:

    1- Check if this Domain Transfer or New Registration
    2- If New Registration, check domain name is available
    3- Offer the packages appropriate for new domain or transferred domain (Price is shown for the package and any one-time setup charges for domain registration)
    4- Get Address / Email information
    5- Get billing information
    6- Save the information in a database and notify the admin of a new signup

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    Look at Modernbill. I think they integrate with enom and will track these things. Not sure, but I think that's what I saw.

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    PHP Manager

    I know Lotus is working on PHP Manager 2.0 which is supposed to have enom intergrated within it, so it might do you some justice to hold off for a little bit and save a few dollars as ModernBill has a pretty stiff price tag compared to PHP Mgr

    However the options of adding things isnt there with PHP Mgr but I do know that myphpmanager does do alot of add on hacks if you visit his website and click on hacks you can see his current list. If you dont see what you want there you can possibly code it yourself or visit his forums and put a request in for it

    Just a thought

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