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    Power Reseller Plan at amazing price - 4 GB space / 50 GB transfer


    I'm pleased to present a very special offer on a 'power-reseller' plan which will only run for a short time. This ad is only being posted to a few places and once all accounts have been sold orders will be halted. If you're serious about your hosting reselling business then this is a great opportunity.


    Webspace .................... 4,000 MB
    Monthly data transfer ...... 50,000 MB
    Number of domains .......... Unlimited
    IP Addresses ................... 2
    Private nameservers ........ YES
    Control Panel .................. WHM / cPanel 5

    Server Spec ................ Pentium 4, 2.4 Ghz, 1 GB DDR RAM

    IP to test .................

    PRICE PER MONTH ............ 26 (approx $40.50)

    This is a brand new server located at McLean, Virginia and has continued to show fantastic network speed and ping times. We're located in the UK and the ping times are great from here.


    Special care has been taken to keep us as anonymous as possible. This has been achieved by using an anonymous hostname, domain name (+ anonymous whois info). There is absolutely nothing on this server connected with us in any way.


    There are currently three members of staff that handle the variety of tasks involved with running the company. I am the one that deals with most of the hosting side of things but all of us get involved with support requests if required. In terms of support this has always proved more than enough although we are not naive enough to think things will always be this way. As the customer base of any business grows, so will the requirement for more staff. This is why we are fully aware and ready to hire more staff when the need arises.

    We are obsessed with providing the best support possible and we are very proud of our record. A detailed welcome email and online FAQ provide a lot of answers to questions which I think saves a lot of time. Furthermore, we have a great setup with the helpdesk where the average ticket is attended within 15 minutes. We don't have dedicated support staff waiting for requests 24/7 so do not claim anywhere that 24/7 support is offered but we may aswell do because this is what is provided based on our record! We state 12 hours max time but 95% of tickets have been answered in less than 2 hours and a large proportion in under 15 mins. When a ticket is opened all hell breaks loose as emails and SMS messages are sent to all three of us (in my case to 2 cell phones!). We are happy to get up if we are asleep or put a halt to what we are doing to ensure that the ticket gets answered in the shortest time possible.

    All support tickets are treated as a high priority whether it is a problem directly related to our hosting or help requests for a forum install or script a customer is having trouble with - we're happy to help or install it for them. We like to be on first name terms with customers and would like to keep it that way.


    Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post (there's more info at the link below if you feel it wasn't long enough ). I feel it's important to provide as much info as possible but if there's anything I've missed please don't hesitate to get in touch.

    Offer details ..............
    Order link .................
    Email ...................... [email protected]
    Clook Internet -
    Fully managed UK based webhosting provider
    Est 2002, 24/7 phone support, all the bells and whistles!

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    Nice offer, Jim.

    What about custom reseller deals if I need less than 2, 000 MB space?

    E-mail me about that if you wish.

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