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    * which registrar has most features?


    Been doing some searches and found some clues but was hoping someone with direct experience could help.

    I have helped a friend create a webpage and link their domain which they bought to their free webspace that they have with their ISP. I have used for this service as I like the features they have with url redirection, etc. However I have noticed that can be down quite often or slow to re-direct.

    I am going to be working with some other friends helping them out, so what I'm really looking for is a registrar that offers with their domain registration a lot of similar features that offers. Here are the main things I'd like:

    1) Lower than $30 a year for domain name. Must be a stable company (or part of a network that if company goes away, my domain can still be managed through parent network).

    2) Must offer masked domain forwarding. i.e. someone enters "" and it gets redirected to "".
    IMPORTANT: A cool feature that I would like is the ability to handle subdirectories too. For example, if someone typed: "" it would re-direct them to "www.MYISP.COM/~username/subdirectory1".

    3) e-mail forwarding

    4) easy control panel to do domain/mail forwarding, etc.

    5) Miscellaneous features that are not as important: small web e-mail account, subdomains, etc.

    I've read through and they sound pretty good but would like more suggestions if possible.



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    I believe any eNom reseller can provide all the features that your are looking for.

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    Originally posted by ffeingol
    I believe any eNom reseller can provide all the features that your are looking for.

    I agree. I think Enom would suit your needs nicely.
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    you can also sign up and use a free dns system like

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    Sorry if this is a stupid question.

    But what is the best way to find out which registrar a reseller is under?

    I've been doing whois searches and looking to see if there are clues there or going to the website of the reseller and looking for some sort of logo (i.e. member of opensrs, etc).

    Am I doing the right thing or is there an easier way?

    Thanks for the replies, what a valuable resource this place is.


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    Two AWESOME Registrars


    After researching over 50 of these companies a while back, I generalized them into two basic categories. The first would be "VALUE" registrars, where price and features are priority, with possible sacrifice in reliability and support at certain times. The second would be "PREMIUM" registrars who charge a bit more, most likely to ensure reliability and support are always top notch.

    For a value registrar, I would have to agree that an eNom reseller is a good idea. As popular as GoDaddy is, I picked after hearing some complaints about GoDaddy's support suffering a bit due to GoDaddy's enormous popularity. NameCheap has every feature you want except email accounts (I am sure) and subdomains (I believe). They charge $8.88/yr. for a single .com/.net/.org domain (others too).

    For a slightly higher-priced registrar, I would still have to go with . They are a solid presence and are committed to reliability for "critical" domains. They also offer a whole BUNCH of extras, some for a price and some for free, INCLUDING email accounts if you don't have email hosting (for an extra fee). They charge $15.00/yr.

    Either way, those two, in my humble opinion, are the best!



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    i use for all my business and client sites, and my own enom reseller account for my personal sites.
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