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    Smile seen any cool deals?

    wonder if anyone can help me?

    to be honest superb uptime etc arent an issue for this machine i just want a dedicated box with as much bw and stuff for me to play with and test some stuff out hopefully priced between $49 and $99 (ish).

    I respect that server quality, link and uptime are all vital for a hosting box but this is just for _*playing with*_ before anyone rages calling me ignorant or something!!!

    bandwidth is probably going to be the deciding factor on this box, just wondered if anyone had seen any particuarly good deals or could recommend anywhere?

    many thanks

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    UnitedColo ran out of their $49/month server so you'll have to opt for the 99/month server if you decide to go with them

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    why dont you buy a P2 oldie install redhat and play @home

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