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    Looking for a Web-Server Specialist:

    Release Date: Immediate


    Joshua Odmark
    CEO of
    Jeoworks LLC

    Dir Sir/Madaam,


    I am currently looking to develop a project that will require extensive knowledge of a webserver.

    This knowledge will be Internet based, and a little Intranet based.

    I currently have a PHP programmer on the project, and the front end of the project is nearing completion.

    Phase two of the project is integrating programs to work on the web. I need an individual that knows how to make this work.

    This is a chance to make a large amount of money, for the right individual.

    This individual will have ideal working conditions, in that he will recieve whatever he needs to complete this task.

    I welcome all applications, and all replies.

    This individual will be required to send a resume via email/mail, and he or she will be required to personally be put in contact with the project manager. Payment methods will be discussed in depth at this time.

    An NDA will be required.

    Thank you for your time.


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    You'll possibly get more applicants if you post this in the 'Job Offers and Requests' forum.
    Matt De Leon
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    Hope someone moves it

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    If you don't mind someone who will do the work from home,
    then I'm the person for you. wht(at) - Unix Administration, Security and Support.
    "Unix is user friendly; it's just picky about who its friends are."

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    we are web server specialists and we could offer you what you need.

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