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    Hi All,

    As some may remember, I got a dual AMD server custom built at Nocster. The thing has been rock-solid, utterly bulletproof - not one crash, ever. Until last night.

    While I haven't determined what caused the crash, I called into Nocster last night when it went down (it was a forum, I was using it, it was pretty obvious when it went down). This is Sunday night...

    After giving the name of my server, the person I spoke with said "Yes, I just noticed yours was down. I will get it up, don't worry." I'm sure all he did was reboot, but being able to talk to someone on a Sunday night was pretty nice.

    So, I give them a thumbs up so far on support.
    *noobie on the loose*

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    Thanks for the review, it's always nice to hear something good about a host

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