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    Flash services . . .


    My business partner is always looking for projects to work on . . .

    He works with flash, cold fusion and php.

    For a sample of his work, click here.

    At the top, promos 1 through 24 are his work in flash . . . the rest of the site was engineered by him also . . . through the company he used to work for in DC.

    I can get you in touch with the graphic designer also . . . if you are interested in what he has to offer!

    E-mail me at jbarron(at) or hit me with an ICQ message for more info.
    Jesse Barron
    [email protected]
    Epitomized Hosting: Exceeding Your Expectations

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    that is a really nice site

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    is it just me or does that logo remind anyone else of TechTV?

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