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    My Experiences - Pixelblock and Sprynex

    I've only had two hosting experiences so far, but I thought I should share them with everyone. Just for everyone's knowlegde I got both accounts for free for a limited time, but I am not swayed to a better vote for that. I hope this helps some people.


    PROs: Every script I ran while using Pixelbrick worked from the start. And once I needed support concerning what to place into the form of one installation section of a script, they told me within 5 hours of a support ticket. They feature everything I needed and had friendly support.

    CONs: Ensim control panel. I hate that thing so badly, I wish I could have just strangled it through my monitor. "User-friendly" my *** . Oh well, it did work as it would on any other server, it is just as a whole I hate it. It works, but it's nothing special and can be confusing as a first time paid-hostee. My site was down about 4 noticeable times, which in my opinion is just barely acceptable. I wasn't given any notice, which I didn't really care about considering what are you going to do about it? Some people might though. Speeds at times could be a little on the slow side, but in general were satisfactory.

    My Rating (10 being the best)
    SPEED: 7
    PRICE: 6
    SUPPORT: 8
    UPTIME: 7

    CONCLUSION: Do you have a lot of complex PHP scripts? This may be the flexible host for you, never had a problem with scripts.


    PROs: A more user-friendly control panel, H-Sphere. Friendliesty host in the world! We actually just talk sometimes about gaming and stuff non-support related. Truely excellent support, probably some of the best in the world, no kidding. Speed, it's got speed and plenty to spare. Power, I mean who doesn't like ram-packed Dell servers? Bandwidth, Williams/Verio .

    CONs: Sometimes I get confused with all of the options in H-Sphere, it's not really well organized. In the beginning, thewre were no MySQL databases with some plans, but at the time I write this there are plenty. Some minor problems with certain scripts, some of which I asked to be fixed, others I'll live with until they come out with a new version of the script. He fixed all that I asked the support team to though . A little pricey for some, and not really meant for small ecommerce shops, which I am not.

    My Rating (10 being the best)
    SPEED: 9
    PRICE: 6
    SUPPORT: 10
    UPTIME: 9

    CONCLUSION: It's a little pricey for some, but if you love support, speed, and uptime this is the host for you.

    Hope this helps everyone looking at these hosts!
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    Looks good! Thank you for the friendly advice and reviews.
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    Yes, this is very helpful. Thank you.

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