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    * $1 a Month Web Hosting Special Offer Today Only !!! We Have Finally Done It.

    At we are offering plans as low as $1 a month.


    All accounts will be set up within 6 hours guaranteed!!!

    To signup e-mail
    [email protected] NOW!!!

    For $1 a month you get:
    Plan 1 Usually $4.95 a month

    100 MB Web Space
    2GB Bandwidth
    10 Subdomains
    10 E-mail Accounts
    25 Forwarders
    25 Aliases
    2 Mysql Databases
    All Standard Features
    Easy Php Nuke Install
    Your Own Domain Name

    We Also Include

    *Catch All E-mail
    *Private CGI Bin
    *Server Side Includes
    *Private Ftp Account for Uploading
    *Web Site Statistics
    *Password Protected Directories
    *Custom Error Messages
    *Super Fast Connection
    *Any Domain - .com,.net,.org,.uk,.nu,.to,.us.,biz,.info, etc

    For $2 a month you get:
    Plan 2 Usually 94.95 a month


    For $3 a month you get:
    Plan 3 Usually $14.95 a month


    For $4 a month you get:
    Plan 4 Usually $19.95 a month


    To signup e-mail
    [email protected] NOW!!!
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    1. You offer no visible form of support
    2. You ask the customer to enter their credit card details on a non-encrypted website.

    And you expect customers?

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    The Last post is simply not true. The order form is encrypted by default.

    Support is available by e-mail.

    See for your self.

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    This CA Root certificate is not trusted because it is not in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store.

    Although I don't know exactly what that means, it sounds like your SSL certificate ran out maybe?

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