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    * Help with these scripts exchange of a full website

    Hi all,
    Heres goes i need some one to add a number of scripts to my website for a number of pages. Also i need someone to create a poll which will appear on every page.

    News script where selected members can post on the front page.

    ::Create a poll:: without using that etc just something like the poll which appears on a normal site without any sponsers but can you make the poll appear on every page

    ::Also a submit article page::
    Something like this where some one writes a page and i can check the article and review and then just add it a section of the site where the articles appear


    A script where someone can submit say football players and i can just add them

    Demo Of script

    Sorry i am useluss with scripts and phpnuke and i arlready have a template which i want to use and i dont think its possible it can used on phpnuke

    Here is a screenshot of my site
    Screenshot Of My site

    ::The site you will control if intrested::


    Thats the website i will give you the domain name,server and website.

    ANy other questions please tell me on this thread or contact me on [email protected]

    Cheers sorry i know its a long thread but i tried to explain it as much as i can any more questions please come on aim or msn

    Aim: fazkhan16
    msn: [email protected]

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    Did you check Most of these scripts already exhist and don't cost a penny.

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    i dont know what there called and i dont have much experience in scripts

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    I'll be in touch in a jiffy, and more than glad to help with what I can...

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