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    Heres my problem, typed in a few different ways to try and make it as clear as possible..reply ASAP please!

    - Do you know how to make a popup, that opens a frameset and you can set which pack opens in the actual mainFrame section? like using the same framset, but with different links a different page opens in the mainFrame each time?

    - im wanting to do a popup right. BUT its a frameset which pops up. And there are a few different links. With each different page the popup will be the same, BUT the main page showing will be different.

    - say I had a frameset. I want it to pop up, and there will be different links for this popup pointing to this same framest. But the mainFrame right, I want that to be different for each different link - and the frameset be the same

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    Ah...sorry! Just noticed I posted this a second time, but now in the wrong forum!
    Oh well, reply here - or in the General Discussion forum I guess.

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