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    3 sites

    Hi, I'm just learning the basics of HTML and I've made 3 sites to date. Please tell me what you think and how to improve them.

    My 1st site.

    The 2nd site I made was for a friend, and I was trying for a more professional look I guess. It never really got off the ground though cause the guy I made it for ran out of hosting space. 2nd site for friend..

    And lastly, the site I made yesterday for another friend. I don't know how to fix those red corners cause I made them noobishly. If anyone can tell me how to fix them I'd be glad to hear how. Oh, and tell me what you think..
    3rd site for a friend


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    Them sites ain't a loadin' up.

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    I can't reach them either.

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    hmm some people say they cant see my sites i dunno why

    dns problems i guess

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    I see 'em. They're okay, good for a start. Just build on them a little and experiment more with your layouts... those rounded corner graphics don't really do much in terms of "wow" factor.

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    and thanks for responding
    do you know any way to fix the corner on the 3rd site that you could explain to me?

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    Attempt to load URL failed on all.
    Kevin Hauge
    Modern Leaf Design

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    Was only able to see the last one, first 2 never loaded...weird...

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    w00t, who we gunna call!

    Ghost busters!
    Marcus Brown

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    lmao ghost busters

    usually either they all work or none do...especially since the 1st and third sites are hosted on the same account..and their all on the same server.

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    can anyone else tell me anything?

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