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    Would anybody be interested?

    In buying my hosting company The name is terrible and I'm planning on doing only dedicated servers at Global Pro Network. I have two customers. One is paying 20 dollars a month and one is paying 15 dollars a month. If you are interested e-mail me with price and stuff. They both have signed a one year contract until 4/23/02. I would sell you our reseller account as well if you would like. Reselling wasn't the way for me to go. I will be buying a dedicated server and doing my own thing through globalpronetwork. We had excellent support but reselling space for another company made us up our prices and not give us a marginal profit. And I doubt anybody would buy 300 MB of space and 10 GB of bandwidth for 30 bucks a month with great support. So I'm just interested if I can get any offers for this little homemade company that never could (probably because of it's crappy name).

    P.S. GlobalProNetwork should be up shortly selling only dedicated servers .

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    Yes im interested. I have just sent you an email asking some questions, but maybe you should post the answers here for others to see.


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    Clients using the following specs:
    One client:
    The other client:

    They still have a one year contract so I don't know how we should compensate them for that since frozenbell is flat out broke due to the current economy and if you do a little search, you'll find out why we are.

    EDIT ADD ON: Their plans expire on 4/24/03 with us. We can talk over an arangement over how we can switch them and other issues/concerns you may have.
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    Question How?

    How does someone get in touch with you?

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    usually by e-mail. I did not get your pm by the way o.O. I reply to all of my pms.

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