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    Lightbulb recommended firewall on a redhat server

    can anyone recommend any good firewall software please that i could use on a server at fastservers the easy it is to use the better and a link to where i could find it would be great

    ps. IPChains was recommended can anyone tell me where i could get this

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    IPchains should be included with your redhat by default. But, you might want to make sure your kernel support ipchains. If it doesn't, you might want to recompile your kernel with ipchains support turn on.

    Another solution is iptable which also came with RedHat.

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    I think you might want to try out IPTables as it included by default in all 2.4 kernels. It is also more efficient then IPChains and it provides stateful firewalling!

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    thanks for the info guys

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    Go an get Bastille there is a how-to over at RS forums that will be the easiest to setup for you just pay attention while doing the how-to and you learn more than if you just enter what it says without even reading what you are answering to.

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    iptables supercede ipchains in 2.4.x kernels. use iptbales at all costs over ipchains.

    both ipchains and iptables are stateful to an extent.
    i recommend reading/learning about iptables as opposed to just using a canned script to generate rules for you. pre-built tools are not a substitute for knowledge.

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    unless you do a custom install, redhat should have IPTables installed by default. basically, IPTables is the replacement for IPChains. my recomendation is to use IPTables since it's built right into the kernel. other firewall software may or may not be (you'd have to look into this before choosing). also, since it's there by default, why bother messing around with something else?

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    IPTables is excellent, my suggestion would be to search for a site that has a ruleset you can download and use, then you can use this as a good start for your own firewall.

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    Might I suggest PMFirewall. I believe the URL to their website is

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