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    Explaination needed please help

    I used to have a domain and a subdomain. Both the domain and the subdomain were accessable via and respectivley. They also had seperate FTP directories. Now My current provider says it is impossible to have a subdomain resolve with a www address, yet I assure you it did. Can anyoen explain to me how. I need this kind of service with my next provider. Apparrently it is normal for subdomains to resolve at not

    At my wits end,


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    Well, I'm not positive but in order for www.subdomain to resolve you need to have it setup as
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    Your provider needs to set up A records to point to your subdomains, and needs to support the virtual host configuration in your web server configuration files to support this setup. It's not common - however any good hosting company can help you.

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    Thanks T

    Thanks T

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