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    * Chewy Web Hosting & Design

    I have been working on my site for a while now, and I can't think of anything else that is out of place. I would like an outside opinion. Please review my site and tell me what you think.

    Thanking you all in advance,

    Chewy Web Hosting & Design

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    No offense to you personally. Do you honestly think that you will sell hosting or design with a site with such a poor design and not just the design is poor the color scheme and look and feel is poor. Just my opinion.

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    hrmm well honestly..patrick is pretty close to hitting the nail on the head....


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    I am just starting, and I am gearing more toward hosting individuals that design their own sites. Design through my service is available though, it is just limited.

    Other than design, is there anything out of place, or that you would change?


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    well I would change everything. You need more color and other than that is just lacks a corporate edgyness. Its boring.

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    You could improve presentation a little by having more space between the headings - the text is too crushed. Also, smaller font in the grey title bars.

    The left hand nav buttons - there's not enough contrast to make the text easily readable.

    Btw - "We are supported by:" - shouldn't that be - "We support"? Otherwise you're claiming personal endorsement by the three companies listed.

    The double C logo - why the reverse mirror C? Would understand it better if you had two C's in your brand name. It the moment appears a little gratuitous.

    The font for your "Webhosting and design" is a very Gothic font, yet is a style choice not apparently supported elsewhere in the design. Think more about presentation and the reason for your style and design decisions.

    Also note that you are first and foremost promoting free mousepads - hit the consumer with your hosting deals the moment your site loads up. There's no immediate info on what's being offered, in terms of quick pricing guide. An "about" section really should be away from the front page, unless you've really got something to sing about.

    It is a bold effort - but if you sit back and think you could probably improve on it quite significantly.

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    I don't think the gothic font really works if you intend to sell webhosting or design. I'd also listen to what the other folks are saying as well.

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    Would anyone disagree with me if I said that certain web sites NEED good stock photos? I use iStockPhoto but there are other great (and pricey) ones out there. Some people can pull off a design using abstract layouts and shapes... but other people need to build around graphics. C'mon, I don't surf the net just to see basic shapes and layouts... okay, but some "beginners and newbies" might.

    SO, I guess it's who you want to please with your design. Listen to their feedback.

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    Since just saying it sucks really doesn't help anyone ... personally, I've seen a lot worse postings in this forum. But it could use some improvement to look more "professional". You started working with a design element with the top and side links, but then didn't incorporate it into your body area. The middle is just a shaded table header with text. It's important to bring your design element (font, gradient bars, anything) into your content. As for the overall look, I agree with the others saying that it could use some color and a little more interest. I wouldn't say any website NEEDS stock photos, I think I get more turned off by sites that just use stock photos because they think they need to. The plus of stock photos is it adds color and a "personal" feel by showing people or objects everyone is used to. A good stock photo that represents something to do with your site is key. Just throwing a woman at a computer is too cliche. A lot of originality is lost in design today, and I think it's good that you are trying something different. Keep working at it!
    Kevin Hauge
    Modern Leaf Design

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    Thanks, Kevin, for your kind evaluation.

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