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    * How about those hosting site?

    I am trying to find a reliable and fast web hosting site for e-commerce. I searched at I found is cheap. I found at get high score. But it shows lower score at Which webhosting guide site give real unbiased review of web hosting sites?
    How about ipowerweb and ionhosting?
    How about
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    Both sites would be most likely giving un-biased views.

    However, it all depends on personal preference really. The only way to make sure that a company is reliable is to host a site with them for around 1 month and see how they go.
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    Chin, Thanks!
    I have tried ipowerweb. It just waster my time. They can not support correct access permission. You can not change files and directory permission by yourself. Their tech-supporter can not supply supports that I need.

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    Unfortunately you're not alone. Probably 95% of the people in these forums have a "bad experience with a host" story they could share with you.

    A good way to protect yourself from spending too much money on bad experiences is to make sure the host you're going to try has some sort of money back guarantee, and above all.... once you've narrowed your search to a couple potential hosts.... ask them lots of questions! For example: you now know to ask about access permissions before you try your next host

    Good luck with your search!

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    Also, try searching for some info in forums. I mean if 99% of people post negative things about the company - go with majority. Anyway, Good Luck

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    I've been ion for about 4 months now and I am pretty dissatisfied with their service. Here are some of the inconviences I have had with them:

    1) excessive downtime: yesturday my site was down for about 14 hours, I emailed them 4 times asking what is going on, I still haven't gotten a reply

    2) horrible accessability: In order to access phpmyadmin you have to first login to your ssl based control panel, then select the domain where the database is located, then you must click the "databases" button, then you must click the link to open phpmyadmin, and then it will refresh the page with the list of databases and open a popup with phpmyadmin (i experienced problems with the popup opening the initial control panel login page)

    3) Php no-no's: they have disabled the system() and phpinfo() commands in php. This proved to be a major hastle as I would have to find replacement functions in php, where alot of the features in the functions were missing.

    4) Support?: I had to email their support team many times, at often times I would get an excuse that was similar to that of "that's just the way it is". and that I would just have to deal with it.

    5) subdomains: Whenever you want to add a subdomain to your account you have to email them with the request to add it, this process would take anywhere from 20 minutes to 48 hours.

    6) PERL: with alot of perl scripts that I tried running I would often get Internal Server errors. When I emailed the support team about it, I would just get a reply that they don't assist in issues with 3rd party software.

    7) Gaming servers: One of the services they announces after I was there for about a month was that they would do gaming server hosting. Inside the information page it said that users that ordered a gaming server would automatically get a business plan 3 hosting package. I was a member of the business plan 3 hosting package, when I emailed them about getting a gaming server they told me that they had had to send many emails out to people saying that they do not give gaming servers out to people who were on the business plan 3 hosting package.

    On that same page it said that they would give away a free 15 minute demo of their gaming servers. I contacted them about it and I got a reply that they would be contacting me in less than 2 days about setting it up. After a week passed I sent them another email about the gaming server and how they never contacted me, They told me the same thing that they would email me in less than 2 days about it, 3 weeks passed and I still didn't get an email, I emailed them again and I got no reply.

    There's my story with ionhosting, I am finally switching hosts this weekend, hopefully this one will be better.

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