I'm going to be outsourcing my email to an offsite exchange server.

I'm considering:
Elictric Mail

I'm probably going to stay away from devstreet - they seem small. The others seem reputable and reliable. Needless to say that while price is important, for a business - having email up all the time and responsive support is far more important than money over the year.

There's a list of exchange asp providers at http://www.crowcanyon.com/ExchangeASP.htm, however it's scary as many of the firms are no longer in operation. The prime consideration has to be that the ASP outlasts my company.

I'm leaning mainly towards asp-one, but also innerhost, intermedia or vfirm.

Can anyone relate experiences with the companies above or other ASP providers?

Or perhaps let me know of a forum better suited for such a question?