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    Does Anyone Know Of A Host That Could Work With My Requirements??

    I just run a personal site, but I'd like to get it hosted somewhere. Though, I have a couple of things that would need to be allowed. Firstly, I'm from Canada so I would need a host that accepts Canadian dollars, though I could always get it exchanged if the need be should arise. Also, I would prefer a host that does not require credit card/paypal payment (ie. check, money order, debit or cash). Also, I would need the basics of most providers for a cheap price.

    Subdomains/Forwarding Addy's
    Enough Bandwidth etc etc for a decent price.

    Does anyone know of anyone who I could use??

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    tearworthy, check your local yellow pages to see if there is a local company that can help you.
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    Thumbs up Try HostMagik


    I honestly don't know why there hasn't been more talk about HostMagik in past threads because I found them when they hit the scene here back in early 2002 (or at least that's when they were most talked about in the forums). I have had an account since July '02 and I use my site the same personal aspects as you plan to...I even really on HostMagik for my email and so far it has been just about 100% uptime over the last 4 months (minus CPanel bugs that were out of HostMagik's control).

    They're based out of California and their support team (hi to Elena, Dahlia, and Phoenix! ) have been incredible at answering and dealing with problems from scripting to design to email to domain issues. They usually reply to their email/ticket system queries within 30 minutes and they have a 1-877 voicemail number for emergencies (which I don't think I will ever have to use).

    Pricewise, the bottom line is they are NOT the cheapest, but that is GOOD. You really do get what you pay for and I think HM hits the mark between price, features, and reliability.

    At least talk to them for a bit and see what I mean!


    EDIT: BTW, I posted because HostMagik accepts personal checks, aside from credit cards and paypal.
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    I don't think HostMagik fits the requirements as they dont accept check or money order (or at least i couldn't find where they say they do..)

    edit: HM accepts online checks from US customers only

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    Make a post in the Web Hosting Requests forum and I am sure web hosting companies will let you know if they accept payments in that form.
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    I suggest that you make a request with a full list of requirements in the advertisng threads. I know of many canadian hosting companies so you shouldnt have a problem with finding one. Good Luck!
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