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    warning: Coloatlanta/ Capital Internet

    I cannot begin to describe the headaches I have dealt with with ColoAtlanta (, but here is a short rundown:

    I ran across their site somehow one day, and after pinging/tracerouting their network from all over the USA, I deemed them quite good... Internap and C&W for redundancy. In addition, I scoured the net for reports, and couldnt really find anything bad about them, so I braved the storm and faxed in my stuff.

    After sending them 4 servers to colo, 2 arrived damaged. I will say that they tried to assist me, but they dont do any service type work. Oh well, lets have them shipped back. I repaired them, and sent them on back.

    During all this, we had 1 great week of connectivity. I bought 3 megs/sec, more than enough for my gameservers (I was NOWHERE near that cap limit, BTW). However, week 2 started with a DDOs on their network (linux.slapper I was told), and I was given no resolution time. In addition, while talking to them, he said.. we thought the DOS was coming from your machines. You run linux right?

    So, since I run linux I was spreading the slapper.worm. If anyone reads up on that, they will see that it affects APACHE/SSL, neither of which I run. I rent gameservers. Anyway......

    Network gets better, but we suffer 1000+ms ping spikes every 10 minutes. I tell him about it, and they continually give me the cold shoulder. Their reasoning? They told me since I run game servers, I am more affected by latency (duh) and their other customers havent even noticed (because they run web/email/etc and TCP packets get resent). Too bad for me basically.

    So, I told them I wanted out. NOW. He said, we have to talk on the phone, I said, ship them now. One week later, we get to talk. Whoops! Missed my cutoff date by 2 days. Now I have to pay for 1 more month, due to the "agreement" that I signed. In addition, they are not willing to give ANY refunds due to network problems. Instead they tell me about how they are adding more lines, and they are going to make a network "for gamers". Like I give a rat's ass anyway.

    I was finally able to get my stuff shipped. Since I have a company rep who lives in GA, I thought.. I will have him pick them up, and ship them. So I called them, said he was coming to get them, and figured it was a done deal. Nope! Wrong again! When he showed up, he was told it was after hours. Well, the website says 8am to 8pm, but I was supposedly told the hours were 9am to 6pm during some random phone conversation that I didnt remember and the Coloatlanta guy cant prove.

    Not only that, he wasnt allowed to take them because the guys @ coloatlanta closed my account, and thus he wasnt entered as auth'ed to remove the servers. Thus, my guy wasted 2+ hours of his time for nothing.

    Finally, the next day, they shipped them back, but charged me more than double the cost.

    WATCH OUT, buyer beware. You get what you pay for.

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    I thought I was the only one.

    Here I thought I was the only one having that problems with them.

    I also have a game server company and have the exact word for word problem you are having with them.

    WORD for WORD

    I hate them so much I can barely stand it, there service is horrible and their connections have gone from good to crap. We had to find a seperate provider in Atlanta (thankfully this one is top notch - Danke Robin @ Myvirtualnet)

    We have seen the lag spikes at some of other locations though, at VA temporarily and now at since they had that Dos attack last week. Anyone else hear of these problems and what is causing them at what seems to not be relgated at one ISP?

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    Yeah I definitely feel your pain.

    No matter, we are moving into XO in Chicago. You will see me back here soon offering colo space and powerful dedicated servers No more weenie P3-1ghz machines

    Robin is a great guy, I spoke with him before about his services and he is willing to do anything for you. Just didnt work out for us due to location.

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