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    Am I going right?


    I am going to colocate a machine with people. Tell me am I doing right with respect to the following?

    1) Machine will be prepared by people who'll transfer it to
    2) Its configuraton is dual processor AMD (1.5 GHz), 18GB SCSI, 1 GB RAM.
    3) Planning to host 500-700 sites in 1-2 years.
    4) Please guide whther I should go in for RAID 1. It adds another 500-600 USD to the machine's configuration. And how failsafe it is?


    Singh K

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    depending on how large the 500-700 sites are going to be - you may or may not have enough space. And why are you talking about RAID - since you are only going to have 1 HD? Plus, RAID shouldn't cost that much.

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    My experiences with RAID 1 is that it failed and both HD ruined. (no i didnt setup the raid either)

    You are going to need a bigger HD

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    ive never really had a problem with radi when it was done right...get 4 hds and go raid0+1 or JBOD (just a bunch of disks) hope you get it going and liek others said no way you could host 500-600 sites on a 18 gb hard drive...that would only leave 36 mbs a site...not even counting the operating system, programs, etc..
    -Robert Norton

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    You are right. plus there is very little price diff. between 36GB SCSI and 18GB. Will go for 36GB SCSI. Now the price of my conf. comes to around 1800 USD (with 36 GB). Tell me is it reasonable?

    Also is anybody out there who experienced HD failure with a RAID.


    Singh K

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